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DWEB DESIGN Website Design in Scotland



I’m going to let you into a secret.  I’ve never spent any time at college or university studying IT or Website Design.  I have however been designing and building websites for my own businesses and friends and family for over 20 years.

I am a Xenial (I bridge the divide between an analog childhood and digital adulthood). I’m half geek and half ‘normal’.

I am self taught and I despise paying too much for things so I taught myself years ago how to make websites so that I didn’t have to pay out too much for the dark art of website making.

I also love to help others, so let me help you make an affordable website that works for you.

Derek Walker

DWEB DESIGN Website Design in Scotland

Stay true to your brand

Your DWEB DESIGN website will be personal and will keep true to your brand and speak about your brand in a confident way.

I will work with you to make sure your website does what you need it to do.  A website should work for you and have a purpose in mind.  I’ll help you with this.

DWEB DESIGN Website Design in Scotland

remain responsive across devices

DWEB DESIGN has built many responsive websites that are specifically designed to be viewed on mobile, tablet and pc.

DWEB DESIGN websites can be viewed across all the most popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Here's how we DO IT

“When I Say We I mean You and I”

Step 1. What Do You Like?

I'll ask you to research what websites you like and I will ask you to share these with me. This will give me an insight into what you like and what you would like on your website. We will discuss your business and brand.

Step 2. Plan & Path

I'll do the planning and path a way forward with you to make sure that your website is completed on record time. We can agree budgets so there are no surprises. I will require 50% upfront as a deposit to get your project started.

Step 3. Content is King

My ability to partner my graphic design skills with my IT skills for making websites will make sure your site looks great and works!
I can help with your branding, logos, images, etc.
However you will need to supply the written content for your website. I can recommend a copywriter if you need one.

Step 4. The Geeky Bit

I'll arrange hosting, web domains, email servers, ssl certificates, basically everything you need so that you don't have to worry about the technical stuff.

Step 5. Partnership is Key

I'll work with your content to make the site look great. This is the most timely bit for me, I will need you to give me the the content for your site as soon as possible. This is also when we can discuss and confirm images.

Step 6. You Are Delighted

Your website is born and I'll expect you to be nothing less than delighted with your finished website. If you need to make changes before we agree the website is finished this is when we refine the site.


Say hello and let's chat soon.

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